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Outline of Services

  • Dog Training
  • Puppy Classes
  • Dog Obedience
  • Behavioural Modification

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The secret of Adorable Pet’s success:

Adorable pets’ foundation was built on three main pillars.

1. Bridging the communication gap between the owner and their dogs

Adorable Pets distinctly focuses on animal-human communication methodology. This helps the dogs to interact and communicate with their owners; unlike other animal training methods that mainly focus on how dogs communicate with each other.


Elena Hernaci, the founder of Adorable Pets was raised around many types of animals, in a farm environment. Her natural compassion and evident passion for animals helped her communicate with them successfully. Elena combined her experience with different types of animals and her natural ability to communicate with them, to create a human-to-animal interaction guide. This method provides tonal, verbal, and non-verbal gestures to help the owners and their dogs interact and communicate with each other. The success of her methods is evident in the satisfied outcome of hundreds of her clients that have completed her program.

Our training program is as much for the owners as it is for the dogs!


2. Helping the dogs to socialize through a series of unique techniques and methods

Helping dogs overcome psychological hurdles and adjust socially to changing environment is the other founding pillar of Adorable Pets. Their unbeaten training techniques are based on identifying and addressing the underlying psychological reason for specific dog behaviour.


Elena’s experiences taught her to identify the social needs and psychological behaviour of canines regardless of their breeds. Understanding canine behavioural patterns and identifying the underlying psychological reason for specific behaviour is the base of Elena’s techniques. For e.g. recognizing that the canines need to establish boundaries and mark their personal space; or that the canine’s pack mentality demands an existence of an Alpha. The owner must provide the assertive leadership required by the dogs. Absence of a definite Alpha encourages the dog take up the role causing tension between the owner and the dog.

Once the root cause for the dog’s unwanted behaviour has been assessed, Elena then establishes a correctional routine supported by positive reinforcement techniques to help the dogs adapt to, and flourish in their current environments.

Recognizing these needs is an integral part of Adorable Pets’ training methodology.


3. Customizing the program to address your unique requirements

Understanding that each family has unique environment is key to designing a successful training program. Identifying the problems in individual family set-up and addressing where they occur is not only the best way to solve them but is also Adorable Pet’s preferred mode of training.


Extensive travel and living in other parts of the world has opened Elena’s understanding to the subtle differences and home environment of various cultures. She is always cognizant that each family is unique and has their specific requirements. During her initial assessment, she takes into account all relevant factors pertaining to not just the dog but to the individual families as well.

She then creates a program designed to specifically address the pet’s behaviour in its current environment. In- home sessions are Elena’s preferred mode of training to ensure optimal training environment. After all addressing the problems where they occur is the best way to solve them.

One of the many reasons, why Elena has not just satisfied customers but also loyal clientele.

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