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What do clients say about Adorable Pets?

We Need Your Help Elena

Our names are Frank, and Kelly. We have a beautiful dog named Riley. We are first time dog owners, and we need help! Our dog pees, and poos in our house. We are having problems walking her. She jumps on us when she’s not suppose to. She pulls on us when were taking her, for a walk on her leash, and don’t want her to be running outside, and getting hit by a car! She bites us. She can’t sit still. She has to behave! She has lots of energy lots of love, but we want to control her, so that way she can be loved back by everyone else! We’ve done our research, and came across a wonderful woman named Elena, and we want her to help us train our dog to be the best trained dog ever! See you in five weeks. Thanks Elena.

Frank & Kelly
January 2018

Shepherd Mix Part Two

Elena has helped us a lot with our rescue dog “Quill”. When we first got him, he was a little bit wild. He’s from up north. I was a little afraid of what we should do with him, and now he’s become a loving house pet. He’s doing really well!

Heidi & Family
January 2018
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Shepherd Mix Part One

We adopted a rescue dog named “Quill” he was found by a Vet. He was living in the wilderness probably scavenging, and eating small animals. Since we’ve been doing our pet training with Elena, he is now very fine walking on a leash, and he no longer pulls! We’ve gotten his house training under control where he no longer defecates in the house! Thanks Elena, and we are looking forward to our next three sessions!

Lium & Family
December 2017
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Portuguese Water Dog Is Great Now!

Hi, my name is Tracy. My dog Jameson is a different dog! My issues with Jameson is with jumping, aggressive with the postman, and with our neighbors, and barking. Whenever the pizza man would come Jameson would try to get outside the door. Since we have done the program, my family, and I have noticed a big difference! We’ve had an intervention with the post person. She was really good. He just walked right by her?! The other night on Halloween (now this was great!). I got him to sit, and stay. He never moved, and I was able to open the door! The walking is great! She showed me to have control. We are really happy. Thank You Elena.

Tracy & Family
November 2017

Black Lap Walks Really Well

Abbey my black lab, and I just finished our five sessions with Elena as our trainer, and I am thrilled to pieces with the results that I have. I was having trouble with mouthing, teething, and gnawing on my fingers, and she doesn’t do that anymore at all. She listens to my commands to stay, and come, and she doesn’t jump. She’s come along pretty good with that, and we need to practice a little more. The best item of all, for me is using the gentle lead, for walking. She was amazing in helping me… I didn’t think it would work, but I am telling you I now have the most enjoyable walks. I feel that I am in full control. I would highly recommend Elena to anybody to train their dog.

Jan & Family
November 2017

We Learn’t Skills

Elena thanks, for coming to help us with our dog “Oslo”. I think you’ve given us some great tips, and tools. It’s been a pleasure having you with us over the past few weeks. As we try to make sure that we have learnt the skill sets that we can use all throughout Oslo’s life. It’s really great that our kids made it, for our last in home session. All the tips you’ve shown us our kids would say Elena said we have to practice, so then we do. Thank You Elena!

Sonya & Family
October 2017

We Need Consistency In Training Our Dog!

It’s my first time having a dog, and her name is Myla. I’ve never had a dog before. Honestly all the research in the world did not prepare me, for what I got… A little ball of fur that’s energetic, and crazy, so then we called “Adorable Pets”, and Elena helped us with a lot of good things that are required to keep her safe. We realize that it’s a lot of consistency, and it’s a life time commitment, and we will be training her, for the rest of her life. We are, so thankful, for Elena!

Maheen, and Family
October 2017

Thank You, For Your Ways Elena!

We are first time dog owners. Having no idea about having a puppy, I was frustrated how to communicate with, or train this puppy. I called a few people, and decided on Elena. I can say she is a very real person showing us how to deal with reality with this dog. She has given me ways to communicate with our puppy. She helped me become more comfortable with our new puppy. She’s, so great! I can see a difference! I look forward in using your service twice a month.

Tara & Family
September 2017

We Greatly Appreciate You!


Noel, and I greatly appreciate you helping us with Codi. Codi has come from far away. We rescued him from South Korea. I know we will continue to need your service because he has become smarter each day with your help. Thank You!

Norma & Noel
August 2017

Dog Stops Urinating Indoors!


After the methods, and techniques you showed us, Chico has stopped peeing, and pooing in our house after eight years! I’m very happy with the results!

Javier & Family
July 2017

Puppy Shih Tzu Trained!
We’ve just finished our five week sessions with Elena, and I want to thank you, so much, for helping us! It’s the first time I’ve had a puppy child. She is now more part of our family. She’s really complimented our life style, and we want to thank you, for everything! We’ve had a very successful day today after this session we went from unable to walk our dog to walking very nicely in just one session! We are most pleased with the results. Thank You Elena!

Ellen & Family
June 2017
Port Credit, Mississauga

Puppy Issues Resolved
We called Elena to help us when we first got Archie three moths ago. I’ve always been around dogs. I’ve learned that having your parents have a dog is very different than raising your dog yourself. We’ve had our 5 sessions, and we’ve learned a lot. We don’t have accidents in the house. He’s been potty trained. He knows now all of the basic commands. It’s been great to watch him grow into a wonderful member of the family. We also had some trouble with him nibbling at our toes, and socks, and that doesn’t happen anymore. It’s really been a great experience. Thank You Elena, for everything you have done, for us!

Polina & Family
June 2017
Port Credit, Mississauga

Help Us With Our Puppy
We called Elena to help us with our puppy Carli. She’s ten weeks old, and we’ve been having some issues with her nipping. She likes to urinate, and defecate inside. She doesn’t like to walk of the leash, and she will bite, and pull. We would like help, and, for her to be the best pet we can have. I am hoping Elena can show us!

Diana & Family
June 2017

Puppy Training Eight Week Shih Tzu
We called Elena because we need some help puppy training! We will see in five sessions!

Ellen & Family
May 2017

Puppy Training With Aggressive Dog!
We called Elena because of our puppy, for training. Our other dog has aggression problems, and we didn’t want our puppy “Doberman” to become aggressive, so let’s see what Elena can do, for us! Thank-you.

Peter & Family
May 2017

Our Dog Is Now Super Smart!
Elena, I want to thank you, for the puppy training that you gave us. We learned some amazing tools, and techniques, for Milo to make him a well behaved dog. He is now super smart, and well behaved, and we are really looking forward to the doggie day care, so he can continue to learn with you. We are very happy with the sessions that we had! Thank-you, Elena!

Elizabeth & Family
April 2017

No Longer Rambunctious, Misbehaving Biting dog!
We’ve completed our five sessions with Elena, and we are proud to say that “Clyde” is no longer rambunctious in terms of visitors he is okay with them coming in now. Our walking we will continue to work on. He’s not as noisy, and he’s not biting. Thank-you, so much Elena!

Donato & Family
February 2017

Puppy Has No More Issues!
After five sessions with Elena, she taught us the tools, and techniques, for our puppy to poo, and pee outside, not to bite us anymore, and to listen to us.

Marie & Family
February 2017

My Dog Bites Me

I am interested in getting some help with my puppy’s (5 month old male standard poodle) behavior towards me. I’m the “mother” in my family of four, and work from home, and by default spend the most time with him, and take him for walks more than others in my family. He is sociable with other dogs, and loves to ‘play rough’ with other dogs when the opportunity arises. With me in particular, he barks and jumps up and bites at me when we are on walks, and if he is off-leash (for example, if chasing a ball in the park, or in the back yard), he will persist in this behavior for some time. He doesn’t exhibit this behavior with other members of my family (husband and two pre-teen sons), and if we are all together, he will “deke” around them to jump at me only. This is more easily demonstrated than described, though I hope you can visualize what this might look like. It’s repeated behavior, and tactically, I’m not getting anywhere, as he’s done this since very soon after we brought him home, though he used to do this to all four of us, and now it’s towards me only.

Thanks Sandy & Family
January 2017
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Rambunctious, Misbehaving, Barking Dog
We need Elena’s professional assistance regarding our dog Clyde. He’s rambunctious, noisy, misbehaves when we have guests. He shows a lot of nervousness, and is overprotective. He’s difficult to walk, and barks at every walking creature, and sometimes he bites! Elena please help us!

Donnie, Liesel & Family
January 2017

Puppy Needs Training
We’ve asked Elena to come over to our house to meet Milo. He’s eleven weeks old. We’ve had him, for three days. We want Elena to show us Puppy training, so we can have a well behaved dog.

Liz & Family
December 2016
Port Credit

Productive Five Weeks
We’ve finished the training sessions with Elena, and we’ve learned how to communicate more effectively with our dog, and he’s not driving us as crazy anymore. We have more understanding of his needs. Thank You Elena!

Javier & Family
November 2016

No Longer Aggressive With Other Dogs, And My Boyfriend!
We called Elena five weeks ago with regards, for our dogs aggression towards other dogs, and my boyfriend, and boy did we see a difference. I was hoping to see a difference after five weeks, but I am happy to say I seen a difference after one week! Thank You, so much Elena. My boyfriend, and I can be in the same room with Nugget!

Alexandra & Family
October 2016

Conton De Tuleon Puppy Needs Training
We have a new Conton De Tuleon in our family. He’s twelve weeks old. We called Elena to our place to help train our puppy, so that we can have a well behaved, and well disciplined dog in our family. Thank You!

AJay & Family
September 2016

We Want Our Puppies Well Behaved!
We called Elena over because we just got our two puppies, and we want them to be well behaved dogs. We will see after five weeks!

Richie & Family
September 2016

Our Puppy Is Now Trained
We just completed our five week session with Elena. The methods, and techniques we learned from Elena has taught “Channel” to: listen to commands, potty outside, walk on a leash properly, and to stop nipping at our toes, and fingers. Thank You.

Helen & Family
September 2016

Integrating Puppy With Adult Dog
We called Elena to help us with our new adopted puppy. She needs help with house training as well as leash training also we want to be sure that the two dogs behave themselves, play together properly, and eventually they both get along without any incidents.

Peter & Family
August 2016

Happy With Our Puppy Now!
We just completed the five week training with Elena. She’s helped us with our Puppy’s: teething, he’s energy, and obedience. He can now walk right beside us without looking like crazy people trying to walk our dog outside. Overall we are very HAPPY with the results! We would highly recommend Elena. Thank You!

Fiona & Family
August 2016

Aggressive Dog Transformed!
We have successfully completed the five week training program with Elena. Our dog Morza is a completely different dog! We are really happy with the results we’ve achieved over the last five weeks! At the beginning our objective was to get rid of some undesirable behaviours that our dog had which included: out of control barking when people came to the door, we couldn’t trust him with other dogs, and certain strangers, and his separation anxiety was really bad. Over the last five weeks we’ve formed a new relationship with our dog as a family we’ve learned to communicate with him better. Now we know what to do to maintain this happy dog. We thank you, so much, for all the tools we’ve learned over the last five weeks, and it has really made a big difference in our lives. Our dog Morza is nine years old, and that saying you can’t teach an old dog new tricks is a complete myth!

Adrian & Family
July 2016

Puppy Transformed!
My puppy Bombay used to bark a lot. He was very destructive, and would cause trouble. He would rip the furniture. We couldn’t take him, for a walk. He would bite on the leash, and pull on it, so through my frustration I went onto Google, and entered dog training. I came across Elena’s website. I decided to give her a call. We then went through an assessment, and signed up, for the five week program. After the five week program, I seen my puppy transformed. He’s now really good, and he’s family oriented. I can now depend on him. He’s become my best friend. I would definitely recommend Elena’s services!

Amar & Family
June 2016

Barking Has Stopped!
Elena’s five week training program is the only successful training program we have tried, and we have tried them all. Our dog no longer barks throughout the day. We don’t get complaints from the neighbours anymore. When all else failed Elena came to save the day!

Morgan & Family
June 2016
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Aggressive Dog Transformed!
We have successfully completed our five week training with Elena. Our dog is a completely different dog! We are really happy with the results we achieved over the last five weeks. At the beginning our objectives were to get rid of some undesirable behaviors which included: uncontrollable barking when people came to the door, we couldn’t trust him around other dogs, and strangers, and his separation anxiety was really bad, so it made us uncomfortable to leave him alone, and he would be very upset when left alone. Over the last five weeks we’ve formed a new relationship with our dog, and as a family we’ve learned to communicate with him better. We are all on the same page in terms of how he’s treated, and now he’s trained, and we know what to do moving forward to maintain this happy dog, and our happy family. We wanted to say thank you, so much, for all the tools that we’ve learned over the past five weeks, it’s really made a big difference in our family, and in our lives, and in Morza’s life. Morza’s nine years old. There is a saying that “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” is a complete myth!

Adrian & Family
June 2016

Unmanageable Bulldog
I need help with Cooper. He’s starting to show issues such as: nibbling, biting, aggression, he likes to jump on people when they come to the front door. I’m hoping you can help us out!

Diane & Family
June 2016

Puppy Transformed
When I got my puppy Bombay two months ago. He was very destructive. He barked a lot, and ripped furniture. We could not take him, for a walk. He would bite the leash, and he would pull. Through my frustrations I went to google, and looked up “Dog training”. I came across Elena’s website. We did the five week program. I see my puppy transformed from a really bad dog to really good! I would definitely recommend her services!

Amar & Family
June 2nd 2016

Barking Has Stopped!
Elena’s five week training program was the only successful training program we have tried! We’ve tried all of them! She no longer barks through the day. We don’t get complaints from the neighbors anymore. When all else failed Elena came to save the day!

Patricia & Family
June 2016
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Aggressive Hungarian Puli
We have a nine year old Hungarian Puli. We called Elena. Because Morzsa has some undesirable traits that we would like to get rid of witch include: barking uncontrollably, he can be aggressive, he jumps on people, he is unpredictable, we can’t trust him when we are out, and about with how he is going to react with people, and other dogs, he also has really bad separation anxiety! We are hoping in the next five weeks will help us help him be a better dog, and us better owners!

Szabo Family
May 2016

Big Labrador Jumps!
We asked Elena to come to our home. We need help with our seven year old Black Lab Bristol. She has problems jumping on people when they come in the door, barking at the windows, and also she has selective listening to all the commands. We are hoping in five weeks that we get some help, and see a vast improvement in her!

Jason & Trista
May 2016

Controlled Boxer Now!
We have completed our five week sessions with Elena from Adorable Pets, and we have full control over our dog Misha. She taught us the tools, and techniques to last a life time, and they are very good. Thanks Elena!

Patricia & Jason
May 2016

Refuses To Stop Barking
We called Elena from Adorable Pets. Because our three in a half year old dog Saidy refuses to stop barking through the day. She doesn’t need anything to tip her off into barking, and she will bark, for hours on end, and it’s now to the point where we are getting complaints from neighbors regarding her behavior, and we need to start considering professional training. Because everything we have tried has not worked!

Morgan & Family
May 2016
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After Five Sessions With Elena
Our dog Hootie now listens to commands. We have been given the methods, and techniques to walk her well on the leash, she no longer begs at the table, she does not jump on people anymore! She is a very well trained dog now! Thank you, so much Elena.

Rodrigo, Erica & Family
April 2016

Boxer Puppy Out of Control
We called Elena because our puppy is out of control! She can’t stop biting us, she does her necessities inside our home. She doesn’t take NO for an answer! We really wish that Elena can teach us in the next five weeks! Elena please help us!

Patricia & Jason & Misha
March 2016

King German Sheppard Mix No More Lunging
We called Elena here from Adorable Pets. Because we were having problems with our Black Lab King Sheppard Mix, our Twenty One month old dog named Diamond. We’ve gone through the five weeks of training, and we have really learned a lot! Now we are able to take her on walks without her lunging at people, barking at them, and she has been very good at listening to our commands! We know this is an ongoing project, so we will be keeping up the work with her, and hope she will become the best dog ever. Thank You.

Leeja & Family
February 2016

After Two Sessions
We are the Conejo family, and we invited Elena Hernaci from Adorable Pets to come, and help us with our dog Hootie. When we started, she was pulling on her leash, she was begging at the table, not listening to basic commands. Now just after even two sessions, she is already listening to basic commands, she is a lot more docile, and is much better about jumping on people, and behaving at the door, and she is completely exhausted by the end of the sessions. Thank You Elena.

Rodrigo & Family
February 2016

Aggressive Dogs
Elena is here today to help us with our dogs Bandit, and Poncho. Because of their aggressive behavior towards other animals, and people, and we are hoping over five sessions that they will behave the way they should.

Bonnie & Family
January 2016

No More Anxious and Timid Puppy
Since the first day we brought our puppy home seven weeks ago Elena has been here to help us. On the very first day that we brought her home Elena came over to meet her and recognized she was a bit of a special needs dog. She was very very timid and shy and we actually had trouble getting her to come out from under the table but Elena was able to bring her out and show us some tips and techniques. First and foremost advised us to give her a lot of love and reassurance so that she would feel more confident and safe in our new home. Since then she has become fully housebroken. She’s a lot more confident, she’s very sociable with us and she seems to be more comfortable in new situations. We feel the tips and techniques that Elena gave us will probably last us a lifetime. We know that if we do have other needs that come up Elena is only a phone call away. We’ll definitely learn on her for advice in the future if we need to.

Melorna and family
December 2015

Westy Is A New Dog
When Elena came we had a dog out of control. Now with our tools, methods, and techniques Winnie is a new dog.
Thank You Elena.

Gail & John
November 2015

Anxious And Timid Puppy
We asked Elena to come, and meet us on our very first day with our puppy, so she can help us get off on the right foot. We know already that our puppy is a little bit anxious. She doesn’t seem to be very well socialized. She is not house broken. Very timid, and, so we hope to address some of those issues, and get off on the right foot, and we look forward to what the next five weeks hold. Already on our first day. Since we brought her home from the breeder, and Elena has got her eating a nice meal, and coming out from underneath the table, so we are already making progress.

Melorna & Family
November 2015

Bad Habits
We asked Elena to come over to our home to help us control the bad habits of our dog Coco. Some of those bad habits are not bitting, barking, and not using the bathroom outside. This is our third session, and we are very pleased with Elena, and the results of (Coco). He’s been using the bathroom outside witch he didn’t do before. He’s not biting as much, and his barking has decreased allot! We are really excited to see how the next couple of weeks are going to go, and the results of Coco. We thank Elena from the bottom of our hearts, for all the changes we see in Coco. Thank you, Elena!

Hiba & Family
October 2015

Westy Needs Help!
Were hoping our dog Winnie stops her barking! She barks continually when people arrive at the door, people holding bags, walking by the house, the mail man! I’m looking forward in being able to walk her nicely on a leash. I’d like her not to dart away when I’m trying to get her attention! We look forward in seeing how Winnie will be like in five sessions!

Gail & John
September 22 2015

On The Right Journey With Rescue Bulldog!
We’ve gone through five sessions with Max. He has learned a lot! We’ve learned a lot! Max is now a little leaner, Max has learned some commands! We know we have to work on the methods, and techniques, for an extended period of time, which we will! We are all happier, he has learned to play, we never knew he could play with toys, and he loves to play! Which brings me great joy!

Sophie, and Family
September 2015
Oakville, Ontario

We Are Better Pet Owners Now!
We have just concluded our fifth week of training. We are very pleased with the results! We had a lot of challenges with our dog such as peeing, and poohing inside the house, and biting. After the five weeks with all the techniques that we have learned, we’ve noticed huge changes in his behaviours! Thank you, for all your help!

Danny, Carla, and Family
September 2015
Oakville, Ontario

Pug Training!
We are the Pompilio family. We just got a new puppy Lilo. She’s a pug, and she’s cute, but she’s been a lot of work. So we need help in potty training, leash training, biting, she’s doing a lot of chewing, crate training, and we have asked Elena to come over, and help us. Hopefully in five weeks we will be doing much better!

Anita Pompilo, and Family
August 2015
Oakville, Ontario

Trained King German Shepherd!
Thanks Elena, for teaching us how to train our King German Shepherd! He’s a wonderful dog now!

Robert, and Family
August 2015
Mississauga, Ontario

Out Of Control Dog With Newborn Baby!
I had a baby boy, and our dog Misha has become: a lot more aggressive, more territorial, out of control, barking at everything. I am afraid of our dog somehow hurting the baby. Hopefully Elena helps, and will see in five weeks!

July 2015
Brampton, Ontario

Rescue Bulldog Has Issues!
We have a rescue Bulldog. He’s about five years old. He’s aggressive with dogs. He’s difficult to walk on the leash, and he doesn’t obey commands. We would like help!

July 2015
Mississauga, Ontario

Saint Bernard Mixed With Poodle Will Not Listen!
The day we called Elena Molly went outside, and I had no control in getting her back. She has biting issues. She does not come on command. She has issues with our cat. Most times they are aggressive towards each other. We are hoping that Elena can help us with these issues. Changing Molly to become a wonderful pet that we want her to be. Will see in five weeks.

Jay’s Family
June 2015
Mississauga, Ontario

Help Us Be Better Pet Owners!
We met Elena at our vet’s. She taught us some techniques. We came home, and they worked with our dog, but we are still having some challenges. Zack is peeing, and poohing in our house, and he’s biting us! Were hoping as a family Zack being our first family dog that we can learn from your techniques. We will see you in five weeks!

Danny, Carla, and Family
June 2015

Puppy Training!
Hello Elena!

My husband Danny and I attended a session at my vets clinic on the 23rd of May. I’m happy to report that my poodle Zack is “watching me” “sitting back” and the other commands you taught us. We are concerned with the potty training situation and nipping and think that as a family along with our puppy we could learn from you. Could you please let us know your availability. Thank you so much!

Carla and Family
May 2015

Elena Is Truly A Dog Whisperer!
We’ve completed the five training sessions with Elena. Bently is behaving much better now. He now socializes with other dogs and children. Before he was afraid of them. He finally mastered the commands. He is also much better on and off leash. Elena is truly a dog whisperer! Thank you so much!

Kate, and Bentley
May 2015
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Aggressive Saint Bernard!
We had some techniques shown to us from Elena for our ST Bernard Ben. Previously he was aggressive towards any males that came into our home. Today using the techniques that we were taught our Saint Bernard Ben stayed focused and he allowed the two men into our home and he didn’t show any signs of aggression.

Thanks, Elena!

Lorraine and Family
April 2015

Help My Puppy Behave!
I called Elena over to my home, so she can teach my puppy to behave, and socialize with other dogs, and hopefully the training will go well, and I’ll see you in five weeks!

Kate, and Bentley
March 2015

Dog Is Out Of Contol!
We called Elena because our dog has shown signs of aggression, and has been out of control not listening to us. We are hoping to see positive results in five weeks!

Maria, Tatiana, Valdamir, and Mishka
February 2015

What A Difference!
We called Elena to help us intergrate our new puppy into our family. Our two dogs have never ben able to stay beside each other within the first couple of hours she’s been here. We can already see a difference! I can’t wait to see the results in five weeks.


Rosella, Gil, Maria, Talia
February 2015

Happy With The Results!
We were frustrated because our dogs were peeing, and pooing in the house they were out of control.
Now they don’t pee in the house any more. They are not out of control, and were not frustrated any more!

Thanks, Elena

Ken, and Jayde
January 2015

Elena Helped Me To Become A More Patient Person!
Hi my name is Lisa. I have a dog named Senisienta. My vet recommended me to Elena.

Before my life was out of control, the dog was barking all the time, and biting me. Right now I have full control of my life, and full control of my dog. Thank you Elena. I’m so happy about that!

Elena not only helped me with my dog, but also to become a more patient person a nicer person towards my nephews.

January 2015

Elena Help Us!
We called Elena because we were frustrated with our dogs. They pee, and poo inside our house. They are just out of control. Help Us!

December 2014

Training For Hunting!
My name is Bernardo. Elena has trained my dogs, for hunting.

November 2014

Full Control of my Chihuahua!
When I first brought my dog home, she was out of control. I had difficulty controlling her behavioural perspective applicating urinating around the house, and other behavioural issues. Three sessions with Elena. I now have full control
over my chihuahua, and I am very satisfied. Thank You, for your help Elena.

October 2014

Severe Seperation Anxiety Gone!
We finished the five week training program, and we had some issues with severe seperation anxiety
with our dog. We saw an improvement within the first week, and we have seen significant improvement
, and it’s pretty much resolved in the five weeks of training. His behavioural issues are resolved.
He’s much happier, much calmer, and a lot better behaved now, so we have a very happy well balanced dog.
We’re very excited about the results. Thank you Adorable Pets, for fixing our dog.

October 2014

Uncontrollable Dog!
We have a dog named Leo, and we found Elena from Adorable Pets through Google to help us solve Leo’s behavioural issues. Before we had Elena come to our house, Leo was really uncontrollable! He was peeing in his crate. He was defecating in doors. He was urinating up stairs. He was chewing on furniture, chewing on people, and he wouldn’t walk properly on a leash always pulling.

He was somewhat aggressive. After our second session, we have gotten a chance to improve many of his behavioural issues through positive reinforcement techniques.

Thank You Elena.

October 2014

Separation Anxiety!
We have called Elena about our dog Rocuss. Rocuss has some severe separation anxiety issues which is our main concern, and then we have some other behavioural issues that we are hoping to address to get him to stop jumping on people, and getting a little to excited at the door. The separating anxiety being the main problem that we are hoping to address.

September 2014

Puppy Corrected Now!
About 5 weeks ago we called Elena Hernaci over from Adorable Pets to help us with our dog Navia. Navia had three things that we wanted corrected. Her eating. She ate very fast, and then walking. She was very difficult on the leash, and the third was greeting people at the door, and jumping on people, and after five weeks, the eating has been corrected and so has everything else! God bless you as you work with Elena.

Thanks Elena.

Pasture Jeff Miskuss, and Family
August 2014

Help Us!
We’ve invited Elena from Adorable Pets to come over, and help us with a number of things three as a matter of fact with our little puppy Navia. The first is of course jumping on people when she comes in the front door, or when they come in the front door, and the second is leash training. We would like her to be good on the leash, and the third is eating. She scarfs down her food pretty quickly, and we would like her to be a little bit better at that, and, so we we’ll see what happens after five weeks were training, so we’ll see you then.

Pasture Jeff Miskuss, and Family
July 2014

Walking Nicely Now!
We have now finished the five week training with Elena.

Initially we had aggression problems with the dogs. That’s gone!

We had a problem with Marley jumping on the counters, stealing food which he’s not doing any more. One of the worst things was his walking. He would pull me off my feet. It’s actually a pleasure to walk him now.

Marley, and family
June 2014

Positive Things To Say!
My name is Hilary. I am a tech in an animal hospital. Elena from Adorable Pets has been conducting semenars at our clinic, for the past year. All the clients who have completed the five week program only have positive things to say about Adorable Pets techniques.

Thank you Elena, and we hope you keep coming.

Hilary, And Staff
May 2014

Aggression Problems Gone!
Here we are five weeks later, and Elena has helped us with our Cockapoo Charlie, and he did have aggression problems, and snapping, and growling, and that has subsided considerably. He no longer snaps, no longer growls, no longer bites, and he has become an adorable pet. Were, so happy. And there is no more begging at the dinner table, and there is no more jumping at the entrance of the door, and wlaks excellent with me on the leash. No pulling, and no tugging, and minds his own business.

Thanks Elena!

Charlie, and Family
April 2014

Aggression Problems!
Our cockapoo Charlie has some aggression problems. He growls, snaps, jumps on us, he begs at the dinner table, he pulls on his leash. These are things we would like Elena to help us with.

March 2014

Vetrinarian Clinic!
My name is Katangely, and I work in a Vetrianiarian clinic. After just one seminar, with Elena from Adorable Pets. I can clearly see that her methods, and techniques work great!

Thank You, Elena!

March 2014

After The Five Week Program!
Hi Elena,

I wanted to drop a note to you to thank you. You will be happy to know Luna is walking very well on her gentle lead. She has matured and settled down beautifully. She is good natured and has 4 different relationships with all of us in the house.

Thanks again!

Nalini and Family
March 2014

After The Five Week Program!
We have completed the five week program, for our dog’s compulsive behaviors including licking, jumping on people, and not listening to us. We are happy to say all of her behaviors have been corrected!
Now we are not worried about our new born baby interacting with our nine year old dog.

We would really like to thank Elena, for teaching us how to get the results we wanted!

Mathew, Christine, and family
December 2013

Final Results
Our dog had a problem dealing with other dogs, and not being friendly with people. We applied the techniques shown to us, and as a result our dog is now friendly with dogs, and people are now able to approach our dog without any fear that he will attack them. We also recognize that although we have the techniques taught to us from Elena, we have to take time to train our dog of course we live a busy life. However, we know we have to make application in training our dog to get the results we acquire.

Thank you adorable pets, for the training, and the techniques you rendered to us!

Ruben, Marlena, and family
November 2013

Elena You Gave Us Hope!
We have a German Shepherd puppy. Adorable Pets was referred to us by our veterinarian in order to have an obedient dog. We were at our wits end!

Thank-You, Elena!
October 2013

No More Biting!
Our new pet Luna is a Shepherd mix. She has super high energy.
We needed a lot of guidance, and direction to keep her from biting, jumping up on us, not going to do her necessities outside, things of that nature. After our first session, we are quite happy, and see a change in our dog. This is the first time our family has been together without getting bitten.

Thank-You, Elena!
September 2013

Corrected Compulsive Behaviours
We are expecting a baby in December and we needed help with our nine year old Morkie named , Porche with her compulsive behaviours.

Elena designed a five week program to correct her unwanted behaviours after one session we can see how her methods are very effective.

Thank you, Elena!
August 2013

Our Puppy Now Behaves!

Thank-you for teaching us how to train our Doberman puppy.

Marianita & Family
July 2013

Corrected Aggressive Behaviour
Our six year old Shih Tzu was biting our family members with Elena’s help she taught us techniques, and now he is a new dog.

We love you Elena
June 2013

Walking is now a much happier experience!
Elena many thanks for your help in training my dog to walk with the Gentle Leader. The Gentle Leader has a calming effect and, coupled with the basic commands, walking is now a much happier experience. This has certainly made daily walks a welcome relief as my dog had a tendency to walk ahead of me and got very excited when meeting up with people, squirrels, birds, etc. The Gentle Leader has helped to stop the jumping and lunging ahead.

Again, many thanks for your help.

Sabrina, Oakville
May 2013

Elena taught us Techniques!
We have a one and a half miniature poodle that was exhibiting unwanted behaviours our Vet referred us to Elena from Adorable Pets.

We now have a great family pet thanks to Elena.

Lisa and family

We are impressed!
My wife and I attended one of Elena’s basic command sessions and we could not believe how quickly our dog understood !

After one full session with adorable pets our dog understands boundaries in the house and stays as far as ten feet away from us without moving until we give him the command, we can eat in a calm environment.

Thanks Elena !
April, 2013

Consider this A Rave Review…Of your Star Performance!
Our Dog had some behaviour issue’s before we met Elena.
Escobar is a mix of German Sheppard/Golden Retriever he’s 1yr and 2mths and weighs about eighty pounds he would jump on me when ever I would arrive home and out of control barking.
He no longer jumps on me and no longer barks out of control!
What a difference you’ve made in our lives Elena!

Thank you Adorable Pets!
March 2013

Dear Elena,

We thank you very much for giving your 110% in training Bambi and all of us.

Thanks for doing a great Job!
Reuben,Marlena,Sylvia,and Bambi
Saturday, January 12, 2013

Thanks Elena for helping me train my pets!
Thanks Elena for helping me train my pets!

Thanks Elena!
Frances Walsh
Friday, December 14, 2012

Now our dog is totally different! Thanks Elena!
Prior to meeting Elena our Pomeranian, Bambie, would not listen to commands. But now he does and is totally different!

Thanks Elena!
Regards, Reuben and Marlena
Thursday, November 8, 2012

Elena has shown us how to correct unwanted behaviour!
We had three training sessions with Elena, and this is what we’ve accomplished so far.
Copper our seven month Shishon enjoyed biting us. Elena has shown us how to correct this unwanted behaviour in a positive constructive manner.
Our walks are enjoyable now. Copper now understands the boundaries he is not permitted in our home. Generally our dog is listening to us a lot better.

Thank You, Elena
Simon and Family
Thursday, October 18, 2012

Elena has helped us Immensely !
As first time dog owners, we needed help with our beautiful and big Bernese named Bella. Bella is a loving family dog – especially with our two kids – but she was not very friendly with strangers. Walking was very difficult and unpleasant, as well as having friends over our house. With Elena’s help, walking with Bella has become a true pleasure. She is also improving in leaps and bounds with greeting people at the door. Elena has helped us immensely by teaching us the foundations and has given us the tools to raise a properly socialized dog that we can all enjoy. Moreover, it was a pleasure to spend time with Elena as she made her classes lots of fun for the whole family.

Thank-you Elena for giving 200% of yourself with every visit!

Maggie, Peter, Sophie, Jack & Bella
Friday, June 1, 2012

Our walks are now a pleasant experience !
We are a very busy family with two cats and one very large bullmastiff. Before Elena came and worked with our family none of our animals could co-exist in the same room peacefully. There was a lot of posturing and territorial behaviours. Although we love our bullmastiff very much, taking her on her daily walks was very stressful as it was difficult to maintain control of her around other dogs. After four sessions with Elena all of our animals are learning to tolerate each other and there is no more fighting. Our walks are now a pleasant experience for all and we no longer worry when we meet up with another dog that we will not have control. Each time Elena worked with our family she taught us new skills that we could practise throughout the week. Elena’s positive attitude and excellent handling of our animals gave us the confidence to reinforce everything she introduced in our weekly session with excellent results.

Thank you Elena!
Janet & Family
Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Your teachings have helped us!
Though it’s only been a week, we want to thank you for your love and support you have shown our newest addition Koby (White German Shepherd), not only to him but to our whole family. This is our first pet and know we have a lot to learn, but having you visit with us on our first day Koby came home was a blessing. You taught him basic commands at 7 weeks old which I never thought was possible. You taught us what to do as well! We know its work in progress and already after one week, your teachings have helped us with Koby, working as a family unit to learn to understand him as a puppy and love him unconditionally to become a well-balanced dog and man’s best friend. We are applying the techniques you have taught us so far and looking forward to a long lasting relationship with you and Adorable Pets because as we’re off to such a great start!

Oh…did I mention “what a laugh”!

Tony, Denise, Alessia, Christiaan & Koby
Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hi Elena,We are very pleased with…
Hi Elena,

We are very pleased with the changes that have been made in her behaviour so far and she is a far more responsive little dog now which makes her easier to handle in the house and on our walks.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What a difference !
Hi Elena,

When we moved from the States, our dog Charlie had developed unacceptable dog behaviours. After your training sessions, we see a tremendous difference.

Elena, thank you very much !
Angela, Bob, and family
Wednesday, January 25, 2012

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