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Basic New Puppy Training

With the right start, your new puppy can be a friend for life.

Adorable Pets offers a private in-home new puppy training program which offers basic training module for new puppies. Designed to help you build a lifelong, healthy relation based on mutual trust and respect, the tools and techniques of Adorable Pets can provide you with useful information. If you just got a new puppy or if you are a dog-owner that wants introduction to simple cues and basic manners then this course if for you. The basic ‘new puppy training’ module includes:

Helping the puppies integrate into their new environment and feel safe in their new home.

Learning obedience and basic commands.

Potty training.

Walking and leash training.

Practice socialization with people and other dogs.

How to manage puppy’s aggressive behaviour.

Course Length: 3 Weeks

Who should register for this program:This three-week program, while recommended for the first –time dog owners can be useful for all dog-owners with untrained puppies between the age group of 2 months- 5 months.

One on One Dog Training

Teaching your old dog some new tricks!

Even previously trained dogs can pick up new habits or forget some of their basic training. Dogs may behave differently under more stimulant situations or when they face distractions or are away from the immediate owner.

Adorable Pets recognizes this and hence provides you with a ‘one-on-one dog training’ module. As a follow up to any basic training program or just as a refresher, the ‘one-on-one dog training’ module is a great resource that you can purchase as many times as required. With information and proven techniques to assist you with specific aspects of your dog’s behaviour, you are never left without support. The module includes:

Review of behaviours already learned.

Learn advanced commands.

Practice behaviours with added distractions.

Work on problem solving.

Practice socialization with people and other dogs.

How to manage puppy’s aggressive behaviour.

Course Length: 3 Weeks

Who should register for this program:This three-week follow-up program is for dog owners with previously trained dogs that have developed new unwanted habits or are demonstrating different behaviour pattern. This program can also assist adult dogs (age: older than 5 months) without prior training.

Behaviour Modification

Eliminate the unwanted behaviour of your dogs with a module that is perfectly tailored to your needs!

Even well-trained dogs can sometimes pickup unwanted behaviour. Factors like life-event; change in environment or stress can contribute to the sudden alteration in your dog’s behaviour. At Adorable Pets we provide you with tools and techniques to addressing the underlying psychological reason for specific animal behaviour thus eliminating not just the symptom but also the root cause of the unwanted behaviour. Some common behaviour concern that Adorable Pets have addressed in the past include:

Biting and nipping.


Fear, over-excitement, anxiety or shyness.

Work on problem solving.


Diverting from trained behaviour (like urinating in the house, ignoring personal boundaries etc.) due to added distractions.

Course Length: Customized to meet your specific requirements

Who should register for this program: Dog-owners that want to help their dogs with severe behavioural issues. This program can help the dogs overcome specific psychological hurdles or adjust to specific change in the social environment or life event.

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