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What do clients say about Adorable Pets?

You gave us hope!

Dear Elena,

Having you as our guiding trainer, for our dog Toby has helped us a lot in eliminating our puppy’s bad habits. (Sheppard / rottweiler mix) It is still a working progress, and we see Toby maturing day by day, and somehow showing us all the efforts you did, and your words of wisdom in treating / disciplining him is paying off. The biting, and jumping has toned down, and the chasing of bikers, joggers, and strollers have subsided. We are able to accept visitors in our house without the mad rush to compete with the doorbell, and opening of the front door.

We were desperate to have him looked at as we were slowly giving up on him because he was acting as the leader of the pack in our household. Not one furniture has been left vandalized by this energetic, and hyper puppy, and we avoided taking him, for walks in our neighborhood.

After a few sessions with you we see the difference in TOBY. We almost gave up on him, but we persisted on seeking help as we do not want to give up on this poor abandoned puppy much like when we first got him, from a bad tempered farmer who dislikes puppies.

Finding you Elena – is a blessing to us because you gave us hope that our dog can be changed, and that he still could be helped not much like other dog trainers who did not like to take him on because of his aggressiveness.

He gets his walks regularly, and we are applying all the techniques you taught us in confronting strangers, bikers, school buses, and trucks.

We see your love, for animals, and we can see your passion to make things work out with a collaborative effort with all our family members. Your manual has helped us a lot too! What a blessing you are to us!!

We love TOBY, and we love him more- now that he is calmer, and have known you.
When we say to Toby, “Where is Tia Elena” his ears stands up in attention, wags his tail, and gets excited to see the door.” Somehow he knows a kindred spirit like you.

We also like to commend Hedy – your ever reliable assistant who took time to hear our story of Toby- the first time in desperation, and readily squeezed us, for an appointment although your schedule was packed with clients. We thank you, for your endless efforts, for us dog owners not to give up on our dogs, and to guide us in taking back the reins in our household that we should act as the masters of the pack.

God bless you, and we pray, for your continued successes in life!

Jun, Nanette, Alexa, and Rafael Custodio
Thursday, December 29, 2011

Great methods in puppy Training !

My family and I would like to thank you, Aunite Elena for teaching us your methods in puppy training for our French bull dog, Rocky.
Your manual is very helpful!

We would like to add we do understand in order to have our puppy well trained , behaved and balanced we must be willing and take the time to teach Rocky on a daily basis.

You have clearly explained to us that it’s not the dog’s that fail it’s the poeple for not being consistent.

Thank you for helping us comprehend!

Thank you,
Anne and family.
Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Off leash Training

Thank you Auntie Elena, for the off leash training, and reinforcing the basic commands.

We understand that we must practice what you have taught us on a daily basis to get the results we want.

While Brutus was off leash, it was a pleasure to see Brutus listen to my command, and come to me.

Joe, Oksana, and family
Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thank you for your training methods!

Elena, we wanted to thank you for all your time and effort in training our two movie stars: Audrey and Bogie (King Charles Cavalier).

Your extra efforts in including Trixie into the training was truly appreciated as we now have a very balanced, happy family. We wish you all the best!

Peter, Daisy, Natasha, Sean, Tricia, Bogie and Audrey
Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Thank you Auntie Elena…

Thank you Auntie Elena for teaching us how to train our new Puppy, Max.

Now we understand how to command and walk Max without him pulling on the leash. We’ve learned how to gain respect with love and discipline using positive reinforcement.

Moji, Family and Max
Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Elena has provided expert care…

Elena has provided expert care and training for our two special needs dogs.

Our elderly dog Little Shannon has health challenges including arthritis and limited mobility. Elena has patiently and lovingly worked out a program of exercise and enrichment to ensure her health and quality of life is maintained. We trust that Little Shannon is safe and loved in Elena’s hands.

Elena also works with our little Chihuahua mix rescue dog Mocha who is timid from her difficult past. With knowledgeable care, Mocha has become a much more confident and relaxed dog.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

We have two well-behaved kitties!

Dear Elena,

I am writing to you today to say ‘thank you’ for your expert advice.

We were jokingly calling our two 6-month old kitties “the terrorists” before you came on the scene. Your demonstrations and helpful advice had immediate effects. Before, we could not sit down to eat meals or work in the kitchen without their energetic jumping and bad behavior causing us grief.

Today we have two happy well-behaved kitties!

We are truly in your debt and look forward to your continued help as they grow.

Margot and Jeff
Monday, July 11, 2011

Thanks for the professional approach…

Elena, thank you for doing a great job and giving us the tools to work with.

Randy has been benefiting from the morning walks and I will continue to work on my GI JANE voice. You will also be pleased that some of the stuffed toys have been replaced by Kongs, rubber chewy stick like toys etc.

We will use the techniques you have shown us with the manual. We are very pleased with the progress that we have made and realize that the balance of the success is up to us.

Thanks again for the professional approach and getting us all on the right track!

Happy Summer
Joan & Randy
Thursday, June 23, 2011

We definitely recommend Adorable Pets

We are the proud parents of Brutus, a 15 month, 130lb Bull Mastiff. He was generally well behaved, but fell significantly short when taking him for his daily walks. As soon as he was on the leash, he automatically transformed into “Pull Mode”. The problem was worse when he observed another animal such as a dog or squirrel. Brutus used to give us only two choices: Hang on and be dragged, or let go and hope for the best.

Especially as my wife fell ill and did not have good balance, it was obvious we needed the services of a professional.

We contacted Elena from Adorable Pets, and she arranged some private sessions for us.

We found Elena had a deep pasion and admiration for all animals, with a special gift for dog training. She showed us the clear parameters that must be in place for both dog and owner to build a strong and lasting relationship.

Elena quickly won Brutus’s respect, and soon he was no longer the same dog. What my wife and I tried to do for months was finally accomplished in just a few short sessions. We were so pleased with the results in dealing with the pulling problem that we wanted Elena’s assistance with further off-leash obedience training.

We would definitely recommend Adorable Pets to all other dog owners. They won’t be disappointed.

Joe & Oksana
Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thank you so much

Thank you so much for coming yesterday. It was definitely a positive experience for me & Jag. Your techniques used in a positive manner have definitely worked and with patience and practice from all of us.

When I came in yesterday after you left, I came to give him a treat & he came to the counter and he did not jump, its almost like he did a double take & he went & sat on the mat & waited for his treat.

Will be in touch!
Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wonderful and effective…

Your method of teaching is wonderful and effective.

You put 150% of your effort in teaching me and Cam.

Thank you
Friday, March 25, 2011

Excellent service for Behavior Modification

Elena Hernaci has helped me out immensely with respect to training my new puppy and integrating the puppy into the family.

Due to my hectic work schedule it was difficult to spend a lot of timing training my new Maltishi and encouraging my 6 year old Beacon to accept the puppy into the house. Elena spent considerable time with both dogs and me and helped us all understand how to better interact with each other. She was very professional, patient and kind to the dogs and demonstrated love and affection.

My life is much easier having worked with Elena. The two dogs are now playing together, sleep together and the older one is no longer jealous or territorial. As well, both dogs are very well behaved and I have to thank her for that!

Kim, Mississauga
Wednesday, January 12, 2011

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